Gravel roads and motorbikes

Getting the motorbike driving license was insanely hard. It took so much time, energy and, frankly speaking, money. I had to dig really deep to find the strength to push through when I felt like the worst driver in the world. Of course I heard the instructor and intellectually I understood what I was supposed to do but I just couldn’t translate it to action without crazy amounts of practise. However, I did persevere and I made it.

The best way out is always through.

Robert frost

When I was living in India like ten years ago I saw overlanders with cool bikes and that really was what sparked my interest initially. Having a boyfriend who is a driver got me more motivated to take action. Honestly, I still feel a pang of pride when seeing someone on a motorbike cause I know I also did it.

I got my license and now I have also got my dream bike. I bought a Triumph Tiger 800 and I feel it gives great value for money and it is so comfortable to ride. The next step in my driving career is to practise more on gravel roads. Due to the Corona situation the courses I was supposed to go got cancelled so I have practised with friends and by myself for now.

Max driving on his Yamaha MT07. My driving school had this kind of bike, it was scary on gravel roads the first couple of times…

During the struggles with learning how to drive I had a vision in my head. It was to get and adventure bike and to take it for solo trips, stopping to boil coffee in the woods. I’m living that dream now! Luckily my boyfriend also loves to drive and even though he has a Yamaha MT07 he won’t hesitate to hit some dirt roads.

Dreaming of driving through Eastern Europe

We had a plan to go to the Baltic states with some friends this summer for an epic MC road trip. I have been over there like 20+ times but I’ve never been there with a motorbike. Dirt roads, camping and searching for more abandoned soviet missile bases does sound like a dream vacay, right? We will have to postpone the trip most likely but we will get there and even further away at some point.

I have got a few dream trips that I would like to do with my bike:

  • Stekenjokkvägen aka the Wilderness Road in northern Sweden
  • A tour of the Baltic states
  • Driving east towards Mongolia and Nepal

Well, those trips might be dreams for now but for me a dream just needs some clothes to become a goal and then it is just a matter of time until it is walking out and about. We are going on some tours in Sweden this year for sure.

See you outdoors!

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