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Heading back to the armed forces

If I want to do something, then I’ll do it. Even if takes years of detours with plenty of stops along the way. Going into the Swedish Armed Forces was something I committed to rather late. Or, well, I was active for around five years in the volunteer part of the army but then I went to university and got a degree, I lived abroad and started my own successful company.

But there was this thing I had not done. Being a soldier. I don’t want to live with regret for things I did not do. Getting the motorbike license was another of these dreams that I made a reality, so these photos will just have to adorn this post.

There is just something with this photo that Max snapped of me driving. Summer vibes for sure! Don’t you agree?

Thus, I applied and got accepted into the army.

Eleven months of basic training followed and then I worked as a soldier and instructor. I was encouraged by my captain to become and officer myself. That was something I had not really thought about since I thought it was too late. I had dreamed of this when I was around 18 but I thought the ship had sailed and that I should be glad just to get the opportunity to do the basic training.

After a year as a part time soldier (working and buying a house closer to the regiment) I will now be heading back to school. Army school. I will study to become an officer and it feels amazing. I’m looking forward to learn and grow myself and then be able to educate and support young recruits.

Now I have got 1,5 years of studies and practical training ahead of me. I look forward to this very much. Post a comment if you have any questions.

Take care!

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