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Boiling water in a PET-bottle

Did you know that you can boil water in almost anything? As long as it contains enough water a plastic container like a bottle will become twisted and burned but the water will come to boil inside. However, this might cause chemicals from the plastic to leak into the water. Something which obviously could be hazardous.

Emergency use for plastic-bottle boiled water

If one, for some reason, end up in a situation where you have the ability to make a fire, you find soiled water and a plastic bottle and might otherwise die of dehydration – then I would boil and filter water the best I could in order to survive. Thus risking the plastic toxins. Another situation where boiled water could be useful is if you need to clean out a wound but have no other option for boiling water. For everyday use, I would naturally not recommend this method.

Carry a stainless steel bottle or mug instead

You could opt to carry a stainless bottle instead. That way you would be sure to have a metal container to use as a ”kettle” if need be. Or a smaller stainless stel mug. That could be something to have on your belt even for micro-adventures and thus upping your preparedness for emergencies. However you should check that the bottle or mug is not lined with BPA or something similar.

On day-trips I like to carry a thermos, a Nalgene bottle and a steel mug.

Choosing a water bottle for outdoor activities

I’ve tried several different bottles. From my used soda bottles to the sturdy plastic flasks you get handed in the army. Now I’m talking about what I use going on hikes, though, every situation could turn into an emergency so I like to be prepared.

Nalgene bottles

I like the Nalgene bottles because of the wide mouth, they are easy to refill when I hike in the Swedish mountains where you can take fresh water from streams. They are also easy to clean after use.

Metal mug

A metal mug is something I basically always bring, that way I have a safer option for boiling water in an emergency. It is so small that I can keep it as part of my Every Day carry, which I show you below.


A proper kettle feels like a luxury outdoors and I bring one as often as I can. It is great when I want to boil water for a a 24 hour meal ration as well.

My Every Day Carry-kit consists of lots of useful stuff.

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