Swedish National Day

Heavy clouds filled the sky when we headed out for a drive on the Swedish National Day. Seeing that my bike was awaiting the first service I got to ride in the backseat, which is also quite nice and very cuddly.

Having had some troubles shooting bike photos of myself I wanted to try and shoot Max. We also wanted to test some new gear.

Backpacks for bikers

Of course I’ve got panniers for my bike but Max has to ride with a backpack. I have bought him one from XLMOTO and now I have also gotten one, the Carbon XLMOTO Slipstream Backpack, in a care package. We decided to see if it really is water resistant.

We found quite deep puddles and it was raining. Actually, I got soaked standing too close with the camera, haha. Nothing got wet in the backpack though which was cool. The jeans he is wearing (which I bought for Max as a Christmas gift last year, also from XLMOTO) got really wet though and the bike was a mess but we had fun.

Speaking of backpacks, naturally they need to have a good fit. I rode with a normal backpack once and I thought it was uncomfortable.

A yellow and black theme is going on for here.

I am so happy to live next to excellent roads for driving. We have got both dirt roads and paved ones with nice curves. We live between Bålsta and Uppsala and there is plenty of roads for us to explore still. I’m looking forward to that!

Have a great day and drive safely!

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