Mountain biking in Tänndalen: Cycling in the mountains

Mountain biking is, for me, a new way to explore nature. It doesn’t have to go fast (although there are awesome downhill trails here in Tänndalen) and even if you, like me, are a beginner you’ll have an amazing day in the slopes with a mountain bike. Check out photos and find out more below.

The chairlift in Hamra is the starting point up on the mountain for downhill and cross country trails in Tänndalen Fjällcykelpark.

As we don’t have our own bikes we rented them at Tänndalen Fjällcykelpark. We chose enduro bikes cause we wanted to try downhill AND cycle cross-country. Totally worth it, I mean look at this rainbow.

I can admit that I was really nervous beforehand. I don’t cycle very often on flat ground either hitting the steep slopes were we ski during winter felt… weird. However, it turned out to be very funny. And very hard. Perhaps mostly because the lift had closed for the season so we had to use manpower to get up, haha. Incredibly worth it though.

We then spent most of our time exploring the trails up on the mountain. Since the trails have different difficulty levels, each of us could choose the trails that best fit our respective courage and ability level. One of the trails that starts at the chairlift in Hamra is called Utsikten (The View). We followed it above the entire ski system and it turned out to be extra worth it when a fantastic rainbow appeared next to Svansjökläppen just in time for our lunch break.

Next season I want to ride again, preferably when the lift is open. It will take a more time for me to be completely comfortable on the MTB and I probably need a lesson (or five). The fact that we had the mountain basically to ourselves was a luxury however.

Cycling in the mountains is definitely something I recommend. The burning autumn colors, the company of reindeer and fresh September air made this cycling adventure a weekend to remember.

View of lake Malmagen in Tänndalen. The views are absolutely magical, I had to pause and enjoy lots of times.

Guide to cycling in Tänndalen and Funäsdalen

Tänndalen Mountain Bike Park downhill Wilda Nilsson
It was nice to be able to warm up on wide, moderately steep slopes before we got took to the more challenging trails.

Here are a couple of points that are good to think about before cycling in the mountains and more specifically for adventures with mountain biking in Tänndalen or Funäsdalen.

  • Rent a bike and buy trail passes through the shop in Tänndalen.
  • The trails are graded just as the ski slopes are during winter, from easy green to (nightmare) black.
  • The top cabin at the chairlift in Hamra, Tänndalen is a good and warm rest area, where you can also leave a backpack if you want.
  • Check out a couple of technique videos on Youtube before you ride or ask someone for help. I needed to remind myself of the basics: do not brake with the front brake, keep the weight backwards when you brake/ go downhill – the butt should even be behind the saddle, etc.
  • Gloves were really nice to wear. And of course, keep warm clothing in a backpack to reinforcement put on during breaks.
  • Here you will find all the info about the MTB trails in Tänndalen.
I wish everyone a nice bike ride in Tänndalen!

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