Cold baths in Tänndalen: bathing in ice cold water

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The snow has turned Tänndalen into a magical winter landscape. Actually it looks just like I imagine that Narnia would. Staying inside and studying feels far from inspiring right now. An exhilarating, ice cold bath should do the trick, I thought yesterday and went to Anderssjöåfallet. The waterfall is located just beyond the alpine ski area in Tänndalen.

When we were last there, in September, the roaring fall was surrounded by an explosion of autumn colors. Earlier this summer it rained and the surroundings were beautifully dark green. I love to visit the same places at several seasons, it will be different but equally magical experiences every time.

The whole case hasn’t frozen, it’s cool to see how some of the waterfall has become ice while the water is raging right next door. Open water was also found in the river leading from Anderssjöåfallet down towards the valley. And there, where the water was shallow and not too current, I looked like a good place for an icy dip.

Before a cold bath, it is good to prepare a few things. I laid out a sleeping mat to stand on, picked out towel, wool sweater, cover pants and down jacket. In addition, I prepared the thermos with warm water and opened a bag of powderchocolate to quickly arrange hot drinks.

There were two dips in a row. I had put my camera on a tripod but I wanted to mainly test my GoPro that I bought. Had to dip me and then I downloaded the film camera and took it out into the water. A video from the dip is available on Instagram for those who want to take a bath digitally.

Shoes on your feet, I think, are important for winter baths. Then you do not hurt your feet and it will be easier to get in and out of the water. A hat can also be cozy.

In the packing I of course had my warm mittens that I bought last year from Hestra. Hestra Army Leather Ski is undoubtedly life’s best mittens. Here are the mittens at Outnorth (advertising link). Max has used the variant from Hestra where the index finger is separate, which makes it easier to fiddle with equipment or buckles on boots. Here are the mittens (advertising link).

Yesterday’s stir-fried tofu, I warmed in the microwave and put in a thermos for food from Stanley. It comes with a spoon to the thermos as well, practically. It was really good with warm, real food after the dip, I promise. Here you will find the thermos Stanley Classic Food Jar (advertising link).

Ice bathine in Tänndalen Wilda Nilsson

If it’s going to be, it’s going to be. Isn’t that right? A proper dip with the camera at the ready. The clothes went on fast when I came up again. A quick wipe and so on with underwear of wool, thick wool sweater, thermal pants, jacket and down jacket. To stand and fiddle with underwear is not up to date in the cold, on with the warm base only and drink something warm as soon as possible.

My friend Malin, who often cold baths, has collected his top tips for the icy dip in a guide. You can download it here!

Why cold bath? I think it gives a kick. The cold water causes the blood to gush around the body and I feel that I become more alert after a dip. For me, there is also something very special about really feeling the elements and the power of nature. Enough that on a sunny summer day can be nice and comfortable but it is the experiences, impressions and feelings that are a bit extra intense that give me the finest memories and the most beautiful moments. It should feel a bit to live simply. I never regret a cold bath!

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