Weekend vibes: microadventures

Does every adventure have to be grand and insanely amazing? I don’t think so. I believe one should look for more of the good enough-experiences and the small moments that will add up and make life amazing overall. I’m talking about finding adventures nearby. The chaotic time we live in could be a good time to take the first step.

Finding adventures that are enjoyable, cheap, close to home and simple to plan and execute does not have to be harder than putting on your walking shoes and taking your lunch to the closest forest you can find. Quite easy for me since I live in Sweden and in the country side… but I had the same mentality whilst living in large cities as well. There are small pockets of wilderness everywhere and yeah, adventure awaits those who seek it out.

The other day I took my bike for a drive. We (that is to say, me and the bike) found a dirt road through dense forest and met with different kinds of deer. I had packed coffee (oh, sweet black gold) and a dry ration for lunch in my panniers.

It was incredibly rewarding to go out solo and enjoy the tranquil environment. Especially since rest came after pushing my own limits when it comes to driving in dirt. I am looking forward to this learning experience. Anyways, I was just a few hours not far away from my house but I got a different look on my area from the bike and I finally got to take the kind of coffee break I had envisioned for myself before buying the bike.

The fact that all of this and much more fit in the bike panniers. Amazing.

If adventure is an attitude then you’ll be able to find it anywhere. Planning big trips are fun and taking them, that is mind blowing but at the moment I keep gathering more and more microadventures. Alone, with Flexie or with friends and family.

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I – I took the one less traveled by.

Robert Frost

A short while ago I went on a camping trip with a friend. Just an hour away by motorbike and just one nights sleep outdoors. That is the kind of stuff one can fit into a normal work week.

I won’t lie though, I long for the vacation to start and that will make it possible to spend more time outdoors. Both close to home and a bit further away. I hope you’ll join me through the blog and through Instagram.

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